Mobile Home Foundation Repair Seguin TX

Mobile Home Foundation Repair Seguin TX

Mobile homes need a solid foundation to secure and support it to the ground. The stability of a mobile home is only as good as the foundation system that it is on. Piers and tie-downs can keep the foundation secure.

There are four types of foundations available for mobile homes:

  • Footer foundation
  • Runner foundation
  • Slab or Pad
  • Basement

Know when its time for mobile home foundation repair Seguin TX

It is important that piers are correctly placed for proper distribution of weight, for leveling as well. This applies to all mobile home types. The standard for mobile home foundation installation is hollow CMU block with a concrete pad and wood shims.

These piers sit on the surface soil layer, which is the most susceptible to shifting. Wood shims compress over time, which also contributes to a shifting mobile home foundation.You may experience a sloped or humped appearance to floors, cracks in walls, or doors or windows that no longer open/close properly. These are all signs that you are in need of repair.

The mobile home foundation repair Seguin TX difference

Allen’s Fooundation offers a more comprehensive mobile home leveling package than most companies. We have consulted with engineers to construct a repair program that will last much longer than the industry standard. In fact, Allen’s is the only company serving South Texas that offers a 5-year warranty on mobile home leveling.*

We offer a 1-day re-leveling service for single and double-wide homes.

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