Pier & Beam Repair

Pier and beam homes are typically wood framed, and as such are subject to deterioration due to things like dry-rot, termite damage, and even normal degradation simply due to the age of the construction materials.  These factors can also cause issues with your foundation.

In south Texas, it is very common to encounter pier and beam-style foundations.  In the past, these were built using locally available materials.  For this reason, many old pier and beam foundations are constructed using cedar posts.  While cedar posts were once very commonly used, new pier and beam foundations are typically constructed using steel reinforced concrete pedestal piers with a large footing to distribute weight.  This is a better quality and longer-lasting solution that meets the 2015 Residential building code standard.

Pier and beam foundations are affected by shifting soils which, in this case, are most frequently caused by water penetrating the crawl-space and causing the soil to expand and contract.  This movement can translate into cracking or shifting inside the home above.  There are several steps you can take to prevent this type of movement.  Making sure that the home is properly skirted with an adequate moisture barrier to prevent water penetration, making sure that the surrounding soils are graded to shed water, and installing gutters with downspouts that direct water away from the home are all ways to help prevent shifting soils under and around the home.

Do you have doors or windows that don’t open and close like they used to?  Maybe you’ve noticed cracks in your interior or exterior walls.  Do your front steps no longer properly meet up with your entry doors?  Perhaps you’ve even noticed a bow or sag in your walls or roofline?  These are all signs that you may have a foundation issue.  The longer these issues exist unaddressed, the more extensive and costly the damage can become.






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